Rescuing Feral Cats
one Paw
at a time

Teresa, has been working with feral cats for several years. Starting out fostering for a large rescue in Southern Ontario, Teresa found her “niche” with the scared and unsocialized cats when she found herself with her own feral who came to her from a scrap yard with three of her kittens.

Although it took time and a lot of patience, the cat was transformed and became her very first rehabilitated “feral”…Gizmo. Teresa was often called upon afterwards to assist in the socialization of ferals that would come into the rescue. Whether it was kittens or adults, she took on the challenge.

Upon her move to Northern Ontario, Teresa took a job at the North Bay and District Humane Society. During her time at the shelter, it was apparent that there are not as many resources, specifically for ferals in Northern Ontario, as there are with our partners to the south.

When working with community members in North Bay to trap and rehabilitate/home a feral colony, Teresa came across a group in Dorset, Ontario, The Cats of Paint Lake. Being the only feral rescue in the area, they assisted the shelter by taking and rehabilitating many of the cats from the colony.

This solidified Teresa’s thoughts that a feral cat rescue could and should be established for those cats that are often dismissed or forgotten about. Fast forward to September 2021.

In September 2021, Shady, a male black cat was transferred to us from the rescue group they had been working with. “Shady” required a neuter and possible dental work. The team at The Cats of Paint Lake were unable to fully assess him or make progress with his rehabilitation which was thought to be because of pain.

As soon as Teresa laid eyes on Shady, she knew that he was scared, angry and definitely a cat that could be rehabilitated. She made it her mission to work with him to get him into his “furrever” home.

The transformation began. Not only for Shady, but for the staff at the shelter as well. Once thought of as an unrealistic adoption, staff and community were beginning to believe it could be done with time, patience and love.

By December 2021, Shady had gone from an angry cat to a quiet, sweet boy who was able to be handled by many around him. Teresa knew that he would be okay with anyone wanting to adopt him, the Shelter Manager and Teresa’s husband knew that Shady and Teresa had developed a special bond.

December 24th, Shady came to live with Teresa where he continues to live his best life.

Shady Acres Feral Cat Rescue
Teresa had always wanted to open a rescue operation and that idea was further solidified as she continued her time at the shelter. Not only did she see a need from within the community but with other rescue groups as well.

In December 2022, the wheels began to turn from a dream to a reality. With the financial help of Almaguin Pet Rescue, Teresa was able to apply for a zoning amendment to the local by-law in order for the rescue to work.

In February 2023 the by-law amendment was approved and Shady Acres Feral Cat Rescue was on its way.

The name “Shady Acres” comes from, well SHADY! The founding cat of course and “Acres” because Teresa and her family live on a vast acreage of land.
What is A Feral Cat?

A feral cat is a cat who lives outdoors and will avoid human interaction. They are typically not seen during the day and will run when approached. They can be very aggressive and almost always need to be live-trapped for capture.

Feeding the cat or cats (called a “clowder” or “colony”) may lead to some trust between the cat(s) and food provider however, it often takes a long period of time to develop. A stray cat (once owned) can become feral when outside for a long period, but often can come around quicker with time.

These cats are often not spayed or neutered, which leads to overpopulation that can be devastating to wildlife. TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) programs do exist; however, these colonies must be managed and are often frowned upon by cities.

In addition to overpopulation, devastation to wildlife, feral cats carry fleas, ticks and can carry various diseases that can lead to severe sickness and unnecessary suffering.

Who Do We Help?
“Shady Acres” will be assisting the local community as well as connected rescue groups in Northern Ontario with the feral populations.

Assistance will be provided locally to the following communities: East Ferris, North Bay, West Nipissing, Nipissing, Bonfield, Callander, Powassan, and Chisholm. (If you are located outside of the service area, please contact us at to see if we can assist)

We will not be assisting with friendly, stray or barn cats. We will not be accepting surrenders ready for adoptions. Our rescue is specialized in feral cats only.

We are a Safe Haven rescue and ask that you do not dump unwanted cats on properties, ditches, sides of roads, etc.

PLEASE contact us via email and we will
do our best to help.

How Do We Help?
When a feral cat is identified as needing assistance, Shady Acres will assist in the trapping of the cat in need. From the trapping stage, the cat will be brought to the rescue where it will be quarantined in a kennel for up to 10 days.

During that time, assessments will be made regarding temperament and health. The cat will receive emergent medical care if required when they first arrive however, they will for the most part, have some time to decompress.

Once their quarantine is over, if they are ready to be moved into the general foster room they will. It is important to remember when working with ferals, your timeline is not theirs. They determine how long they need and we will respect that timeline. If they are not ready for the foster room, they will be moved to a larger kennel for more room within the general foster room or placed in an experienced foster home.

Once Teresa feels the cat is ready for their “furrever” home, the cat will be posted for adoption. They will be spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

How Can You Help?
As our business is non-profit, we rely on those donations. Financial and otherwise.


or you can e-transfer donations to

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